Mass Recruiting

Mass Recruiting


Recruitment is handled in different ways depending on the required candidate profiles. Our Mass Recruiting service is a recruitment process adapted so that we may find a large volume of quality candidates.
Normally, a Mass Recruiting campaign would be a tiring activity that consumes time and resources, which is why LUMI PEOPLE offers to do this for you, providing you with the support and expertise of our recruiters whose various methods attract talent to your business.
Our field based recruiters have access to:

  • Knowledge of geographic locations and candidate sources
  • The tools to attract large volumes of candidates.
  • Special filters to organize and prioritize apt candidates.

The benefits of choosing our Mass Recruiting service:

  • Save time and money in the search and interview process and the filtering of hundreds of candidates, which can be focused instead on more productive activities for your company.
  • Obtain a new workforce in very little time.
  • You will have the support of many years of experience which allows us to provide our service with maximum efficiency.