We are the safest and most trustworthy option when it comes to filling your vacancies at higher levels, and we have the experience needed for us to reach your expectations.

Advantages of Recruitment and Headhunting

  • Save time and money
  • Reduce rotation of personnel
  • A service that is tax deductible
  • Total satisfaction guaranteed

Comprehensive Service: Recruitment, Selection and Headhunting

  • According to the profile that you need, we perform a search for candidates for your selection.
  • If you need, we can advise you with regards to the profile and salary of the position.
  • We verify working references and personal references for the candidate that you choose.
  • As a complement we carry out psychometric tests on the candidate you choose to evaluate Intelligence, Personality, Aptitude and Abilities.
  • We offer a guarantee, in case the candidate you choose doesn’t stay with you for a certain amount of time, which we agree at the beginning of the project.
  • To understand the social and economic level of a candidate, we verify the data that they give us by applying socioeconomic studies so that you can have more confidence in your recruitment campaign.
  • To evaluate the integrity and work ethics of the candidate, we apply MIDOT tests, and to detect the honesty indicators of the candidate, we apply AMITAI tests.