We become the employer of your staff and assume complete responsibility. We look for, filter, recruit, and manage personnel for your company, which allows you to focus your attention on strategic areas that add value to your business.Our operation complies with all legislation as well as integrating salaries 100% with regards to Social Security, which provides our clients with piece of mind.



We help by reducing staff rotation by working close with your workers and gaining their trust
We can offer staff long term or short term contracts.
We prepare employee records on your behalf.
You can reclaim the Value Added Tax for the invoices that we send you.
As an invoice, the tax exempt amounts become 100% deductible instead of being 47%/53% deductible. (Tax exempt amounts = Overtime, Christmas Box, Vacation Pay, Savings Funds, etc.)



We are the safest and most trustworthy option when it comes to filling your vacancies at higher levels, and we have the experience needed for us to reach your expectations.
Advantages of Recruitment and Headhunting

  • Save time and money
  • Reduce rotation of personnel
  • A service that is tax deductible
  • Total satisfaction guaranteed

Comprehensive Service: Recruitment, Selection and Headhunting

  • According to the profile that you need, we perform a search for candidates for your selection.
  • If you need, we can advise you with regards to the profile and salary of the position.
  • We verify working references and personal references for the candidate that you choose.
  • As a complement we carry out psychometric tests on the candidate you choose to evaluate Intelligence, Personality, Aptitude and Abilities.
  • We offer a guarantee, in case the candidate you choose doesn’t stay with you for a certain amount of time, which we agree at the beginning of the project.
  • To understand the social and economic level of a candidate, we verify the data that they give us by applying socioeconomic studies so that you can have more confidence in your recruitment campaign.
  • To evaluate the integrity and work ethics of the candidate, we apply MIDOT tests, and to detect the honesty indicators of the candidate, we apply AMITAI tests.

Mass Recruiting


Recruitment is handled in different ways depending on the required candidate profiles. Our Mass Recruiting service is a recruitment process adapted so that we may find a large volume of quality candidates.
Normally, a Mass Recruiting campaign would be a tiring activity that consumes time and resources, which is why LUMI PEOPLE offers to do this for you, providing you with the support and expertise of our recruiters whose various methods attract talent to your business.
Our field based recruiters have access to:

  • Knowledge of geographic locations and candidate sources
  • The tools to attract large volumes of candidates.
  • Special filters to organize and prioritize apt candidates.

The benefits of choosing our Mass Recruiting service:

  • Save time and money in the search and interview process and the filtering of hundreds of candidates, which can be focused instead on more productive activities for your company.
  • Obtain a new workforce in very little time.
  • You will have the support of many years of experience which allows us to provide our service with maximum efficiency.

Payroll Processing


We offer a comprehensive payroll management and control service which includes payments and calculation of payroll deductions, vacation pay, social security, housing fund and all compensation matters.

  • We become your payroll department, with all our human and technological capital at your service.

We ensure absolute confidentiality and accuracy when handling your data.


  • We ensure that your payments are correct and on time.
  • Reduce costs, as you do not require specialized systems o personnel to calculate payroll.
  • Fiscal, administrative and labor advice and the resolving of conflicts derived from payroll calculations.
  • A commitment to service with a guaranteed failsafe.

Organizational Development

In LUMI PEOPLE we are certain of the importance of human capital to an organization, generating change and driving a company’s success. We offer a talented team of specialists in Organizational Development to identify problem areas and find the right solution, through the following strategic services:

  • Organizational advisement and diagnosis.
  • Analysis of organizational climate and culture.
  • Analysis of organizational processes and structures.
  • Job descriptions and assessments.
  • Performance evaluations.
  • Training needs detection.
  • Organizational integration activities.
  • Psychometric profiling of personnel and labor competency profiles.
  • AMITAI honesty testing.
  • MIDOT workplace Integrity and Ethics Assessment.
  • Health and safety training.
  • We identify areas of opportunity in your company.
  • Action plan.
  • Advice to improve your company.
  • You decide the scope and limitations of our involvement.
  • 100% results-oriented work.
  • We identify departments that are adversely influencing your company.
  • We identify causes of attrition.
  • We identify your company’s needs.
  • Action plan to work quickly to improve working conditions.
  • Survey of opinions of your organization’s personnel at all levels.
  • Detection of areas of opportunity in your processes.
  • Redesign of more efficient processes.
  • Reduced losses (materials, time and movement)
  • Establishment of communication structures.
  • Determination of process leaders and key personnel.
  • Delimitation of tasks.
  • Reduced reprocessing.
  • Development of job description manuals.
  • Detailed description of employee tasks.
  • Definition of duties.
  • Comparison of Ideal vs. Actual job profiles.
  • Establishment of quality policies for the performance of job duties.
  • Establishment of employee evaluation indicators.
  • Identification of indicators for each position.
  • Design of performance metrics consistent with your organizational approach.
  • Assistance to reduce resistance to change among personnel.
  • Identification of areas of opportunity among personnel.
  • Setting of monthly employee objectives.
  • Facilitation of continuous improvement processes.
  • Feedback from evaluated employees.
  • Documentation of employee performance.
  • Facilitated detection of personnel training needs
  • Accurate identification of personnel training needs.
  • Design of the Annual Training Plan.
  • Development of indicators to determine the impact and scope of training.
  • Compliance with the training requirements under the Federal Labor Law.
  • Reduced errors and losses.
  • A more efficient and productive workplace.
  • Improved organizational climate.
  • Efficient work teams.
  • Improved internal personnel communication.
  • Greater cohesiveness among co-workers.
  • Reduced personnel turnover.
  • Staff motivation and incentives.
  • Gauge of employee perceptions of their co-workers.
  • Identification of employee skills and areas of opportunity.
  • Broader insight into the person-job fit by identifying personality traits and intelligence.
  • Organizational values matched to employees’ personal values.
  • Identification of competencies.
  • Comparison of employee competencies with target competencies.
  • Aid to detect dishonesty indicators.
  • Greater assurance in hiring for key areas of the company.
  • Documentation of the selection process for better decision-making.
  • Reduction of risks associated with the lack of probity and honesty in your company.
  • Ensures reliable members of your work team.
  • Application in 17 different languages.
  • Custom assessments.
  • Consistent, proven and globally validated evaluations.
  • Standardized application for persons not experienced in computer use.
  • Simple questions.
  • Indicators to assess:
    • Tendency to engage in dishonest acts.
    • Employee integrity and loyalty.
    • Online socioeconomic study to detect inaccurate or inconsistent data.
    • Level of integrity with respect to the organization.
  • Highly qualified personnel at the workplace.
  • Fully tax-deductible services.
  • Trained personnel reduce accidents considerably.
  • Training tailored to your needs.
  • Courses endorsed by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare.
  • Officially recognized diploma.
  • Better trained employees increase production, making your company more profitable and earning official quality certifications.

Preventive Occupational Health

Preventing occupational hazards and illness is an important factor at any workplace. To provide a comprehensive service, we offer the following evaluations:

      • Medical testing of new hires and periodic examinations.
      • General medical exams.
      • Hearing tests.
      • ECG testing.
      • Radiology.
      • Psychology (measurement of potential).
      • Spirometry and detection of pulmonary disease.
      • Lab tests:
        • Blood testing (erythrocytes, hemoglobin, platelets, leucocytes, differential, MCV, MGHG).
        • Blood chemistry (glucose, urea, creatinine, uric acid, cholesterol, triglycerides).
        • General urine test
        • Blood group and Rh factor.
        • Pregnancy testing.
        • Venereal Disease Research Laboratory syphilis testing.
        • HIV test.
        • Drug profile.


        • Competitive pricing.
        • Comprehensive, one-stop health service.
        • Easy-access location.
        • Quick and friendly service.
        • Comfortable facilities.
        • All services may be provided on-site at your company.

Relocation Services

Relocation is our newest service developed by numerous requests and needs. With our specialty of caretaking our clients that came from different countries to work in Mexico, we designed the complete service that can support all your hardships of moving and adjusting to a foreign country so that you or your employee can better focus on professional activities.

Visa & Immigration Service
  • LUMI PEOPLE navigates you through the complex progress of Mexican immigration and visa processes.


    • Visa and immigration application.
    • Processing of work permit and dependent permit.
    • Visa and immigration Re-entry permit.
    • Legalizations of visa and immigration documentation.
    • Local required registration.
Home Finding
  • Temporary housing.
    • Searching temporary housing based on relocating employee’s criteria.
    • Booking of temporary housing.
  • House hunting
    • Conduct needs analysis with the relocating employee.
    • Provide local area information.
    • Prepared itinerary of properties.
    • Accompanied visits to properties.
    • Lease negotiation.
    • Inventory check in.
Schooling Assistance
  • Finding the right school with a good atmosphere that will provide the education your child deserves can be one of the major concerns, especially with the language barrier. LUMI PEOPLE assists you with the following process to free you from these concerns.
    • Detailed school search needs analysis.
    • School search comparisons.
    • Set up interviews with schools.
    • Assist with registration.
Settling-In Support

The simplest things that were part of your everyday life can become difficult in a new environment. LUMI PEOPLE can make this journey easier for you.


  • Neighborhood area orientation tour.
  • Assistance in locating doctors, shopping, houses of worship and others.
  • Utility and broadband connection.
  • Furniture rental or purchase.
  • Automotive and property insurances.
  • Driver’s license and car registration.
  • Auto purchase/lease assistance.
  • Banking services.
  • Health care system overview.
  • Translation services.
Adaptation Support

Even after succeeding in the first stage of settling-in, living on with the new life is always challenging. LUMI PEOPLE will keep our place by your side and guide you throughout the process.


  • Spouse Assistance
    • Job search assistance
    • Leisure information (Education, civic/charitable activities, hobbies, sports, etc.)
  • Intercultural & Language training
    • Setting up of language training.
    • Intercultural training program for adults and children.
    • Individual, group or family options available.
  • Psychological Support
    • Matching of a consultant fluent with employee’s mother language.

Even after succeeding in the first stage of settling-in, living on with the new life is always challenging. LUMI PEOPLE will keep our place by your side and guide you throughout the process.


  • Spouse Assistance
    • Job search assistance
    • Leisure information (Education, civic/charitable activities, hobbies, sports, etc.)
  • Intercultural & Language training
    • Setting up of language training.
    • Intercultural training program for adults and children.
    • Individual, group or family options available.
  • Psychological Support
    • Matching of a consultant fluent with employee’s mother language.