Manufacturing Metal Mechanic

Currently in Mexico, there is a rapid growth of aerospace, automotive, auto parts, electric and domestic appliance sectors. This growth not only influenced each market in Mexico, but also greatly increased the demands for metal mechanics.
In today’s post, we will introduce briefly of the best locations in Mexico to manufacture metal and where the best labor force can be found.


Queretaro is an attractive state for all types of manufacturing and industrial investments. With its advantages of more than 13 industrial parks, international airport, low labor turnover rate (2-3%), highly skilled workforce and others, 3 companies of the plastic and metal mechanic industries recently allocated 5 million dollars. More investments as such are expected as Queretaro and other states of central Mexico is well known for offering many business opportunities for its industrial vocation.
Such opportunity is attracting more metal mechanic suppliers to central Mexico, and Guanajuato is one of the best examples.
Ciudad Juarez is another well known city for being the largest concentration of metal manufacturing.
Having its location by the border of Mexico and United States with 4 international bridges, it makes sense that numerous heavy duty vehicle and related metal mechanic industries have set there grounds here.


Mexico has an abundant labor force for metal mechanics manufacturing due to the long history it has in manufacturing. The government had been well aware of its strengths in manufacturing and invested much on generating skilled technicians and engineers.
Important manpower bases for metal mechanic industry are Ensenada and Jalisco (Guadalajara). Companies such as Ingersoll Rand (Schlage), Fabricas Monterrey, Peninsula Light Metals, Consolidated Precision Products, ship building and maintenance companies are the good examples that are making use of the good labor force in Ensenada. The city has more than 8,000 engineering students enrolled who are highly skilled, young and bilingual. It is also known for having the lowest labor turnover rate in the Northwest of Mexico. As for the state of Jalisco, although there had been a decrease of workers registered in the Mexican Social Security Institute from 2000 to 2003, over the 8 years that followed, the registered labor force bounced back up by 40% and recovered its place as one of the best states for skilled labor force.