Guanajuato, Great State of Investments

The Bajio region is prepared to become not only a manufacturing center, but also an engineering services center for the entire American continent.

During 2015 it’s estimated that 107 new companies could be installed in Guanajuato and other surrounding cities, representing an investment of 7 billion dollars.

Guanajuato Puerto Interior (GPI) expects to reach full capacity during 2015, which would attract more than US$ 500 million investment.

Today, GPI has 15 companies of different nationalities from 12 sectors, which include auto-parts, pharmaceuticals, logistics, footwear, paper, foundry and cosmetics, among others.

45% of the companies are Japanese; however in terms of investment, they are surpassed by 4 German companies, which represent 29% of the capital that exists in the complex.

At Lumi People we know that being close to our customers is essential for success. This is the reason why since May of this year our 4th branch has been open in GPI, as a business strategy to solve our customers’ needs in a timely manner.